Bit “Oh” Honey Limited Edition of 5, Luke Lawrence


  • NAME: Disambiguation of the Comb- Bit “Oh” Honey
    Luke Lawrence USA (Florida)
    Photographic Paper
  • CONDITION Excellent
  • YEAR: 2018
    Hight: 48″ x  Width 60″
  • Height: 121.92 cm x Width: 152.4 cm

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Don’t be fooled by the sweet name, this picture is revelaing the virgin layer of a strength in nature NASA has adopted and Ancient Greeks and Romans had adopted  in thier Architecture. Disambiguation of the comb, Bit “0h” Honey a photograh by Luke Lawrence, exposes the delicate surface, and the perfect geometric symetry, at it’s source. Luke is fascinated by how his natural subject matter allows him to control the composition of his image. His photos are Mother Earth’s creations, devoid of people. More than a simple record of nature, through his lens Luke exposes a parallel universe and invites us to examine them afresh. What makes his work unique is how he has made the seemingly invisible look so absolutely vivid, as if they had a secret life of their own that only he knows how to portray. Luke has the extraordinary ability to capture all the small details that make the difference and reveal all the stories that remain hidden behind the surface, transmitting an almost deafening silence, as if time had stopped and humans had suddenly disappeared leaving nature to show it’s glory.

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Dimensions40 × 1 × 60 in

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