“Stan” Steals the Show- Christies Sells a Sixty Seven Million Year Old T-Rex

What’s an intact, sixty-seven million year old T-Rex Worth? Well, in an evening with no “Rex” less bidding, Christie’s debuted a new arrangement of a live auction, with a State-of-the-Art set, and a new way of presenting the works on the wall with digitized dimensions.

Inclusive, the energy in the room was something new to observe. At the evening’s opening, I thought that perhaps online participation would be more apparent, which crept up now and again. Still, I do see more and more people participating in the show from home in the future.
The bidding itself totaling USD $340,851,500 for the evening.
Some beautiful works such as a gorgeous Renoir, “Ase d’anémones”, with a little bit of back and forth, realized a hammer of $2,300,000.
Tonight’s auction seemed to center on a resurgence of buyers investing in the impressionists again. With a pass on a Jeff Koons inflatable Dolphin, with an estimate at $2,000,000. Paintings were purchased in place of hype, tonight the money said,”The Dolphin has no clothes.”
Willem de Kooning’s Woman (Green) Hammered for $20,000,000. Emil Nolde, Herbstmeer XVI, sold for $6,100,000. One of the evening’s stars was the Tamara De Lempicka Les Deux Amis stunner hammering for $7,900,000 million.
But, “Stan” stole the show. A sixty-seven million-year-old T- Rex From the Hell Creek Formation, North Dakota, 16 meters below the D-T boundary. This Maastrichtian, Late Cretaceous, was estimated to be around $8,000,000 and a final hammer of $27,500,000. London ping-ponged it back and forth with repeated $500,000 increments with one hefty interruption at approximately twenty million from New York.
Wherever he winds up, it was an extraordinary evening with the Christie’s team doing a fantastic job with the new format. Stan will be on display in the Rockefeller Center auction house until October 21st.

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