Intuitive Pull-

I made a promise to myself as I walked through the huge archways of the Paramount lot with bright pink signs reading “FRIEZE” everywhere. That promise was that I was not going to look at any gallery names nor artist names first when engaging with art works. This way, I felt, I’ll have more of a “intuitive pull” instead of a “pre-conceived pull”.

The Paramount arches outside of Frieze, LA photo courtesy of Wil Phearson

Only works that consumed me, I would be devoured by, and completely absorbed in would get my heart and time in return. My goal was to have the purest and most honest internal self experience with art. To have my own personal love story with those pieces.

Froieze Los Angeles

FRIEZE Los Angeles Photo courtesy of Wil Phearson


Alison Saar LA Louver Gallery

Alison Saar’s impactful work  focuses on black female identity and is influenced by African, Caribbean, and Latin American folk art and spirituality. Daughter of Betye Saar, who is well known with her involvment in the 70’s black arts movement and would take Alison and her sister to art openings and museums.


 ALISON SAAR: (Titles under photos) LA Louver Gallery

ALISON SAAR: “Hot Comb Haint: Jazebel, Beulah, Caldonia”
LA Louver Gallery



All works chosen done exactly the above. Some guided me in like a whisper and revealed themselves piece by piece, some grab me hard and ripped me to shreds tearing off all armor and leaving me completely raw, while others gave me the most fulling intellectual conversations.




Yoan Capote’s: Jack Shainman Gallery “American Appeal-Post Card Skyline” 2010


Details on Yoan Capote’s: Jack Shainman Gallery “American Appeal-Post Card Skyline” 2010


ARTIST’S: 1) GLENN LIGON: (Narratives, 1993) Thomas Dane Gallery

GLENN LIGON: (Narratives, 1993)
Thomas Dane Gallery

A Deeper Connection

All of my choices became lovers at some point during the fair and after my affairs, questions arose…Why would I ever engage with works I didn’t feel a connection to? Why would I buy work I couldn’t see a future in? These are questions I feel that are important to keep answering. As there is no one answer just deeper and deeper connection to ones own reasons for their participation in the art world from continuously asking questions like these.

 GEHARD DEMETZ The Blue Curtain, 2019 Lindenwood

The Blue Curtain, 2019
Lindenwood Photo Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery


 GEOFFREY CHADSEY Burger Qing, 2019 watercolor pencil and crayon on mylar 58 1/2 x 42 inches (sheet)

Burger Qing, 2019
Photo courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery


CINDY SHERMAN: (Untitled) Woven piece Metro Pictures Gallery

CINDY SHERMAN: (Untitled) Woven tapestry piece
Metro Pictures Gallery, Photo:Wil Phearson


My hope is you can have your own personal love story while glancing at these images. May questions arise that keep you internally and forever engaged in art but most importantly yourself.

Leigh Ledare LL14231 An Invitation: Sunday, July 24, 201

Leigh Ledare , An Invitation: Sunday, July 24, 2011, The Box LA

Leigh Ledare LL14231 An Invitation: Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leigh Ledare LL14231 An Invitation: Sunday, July 24, 2011, The Box LA


“Another Poem about Snow”

LAUREN SATLOWSKI’S Painting, “Another Poem about Snow”
Belami Gallery


Gabriel Rico Phot courtesy of

Gabriel RicoImage credits of artwork photos (from the studio): Courtesy of the artist and OMR, Mexico City. Gabriel Rico © ARTWORK YEAR.

Coolest People seen at the Fair:

Coolest Dressed

Farnazmeh Mehron

 Cherie Dai- KC Cheng

Cherie Dai and KC Cheng


About the author

Producer, curator and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. He served as Director of Events for K2 Marketing Group overseeing national events for K2 cleints, Turner Networks, Cartoon Network, HLN, and Boomerang channels. After K2, he decided to fuse his passion for art and commerce under the Moniker Artist Muse, producing and Curating immersive cultural events and World tour art exhibitions. Phearson served three years on the Board of the Barnsdall Art Park, home to the Los Angeles County Municipal Gallery and the historic Hollyhock House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.




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