Relishing the New Rubell Museum in Allapattah

In Miami, there is a lot happening in the art sector year-round well beyond Basel, and sometimes, something special comes around. Walking into the Rubell collection’s new Alapattah location, is bonzer in execution with exactly the right amount of elemental purpose-built architecture and design and content.

Robert Longo Men Trapped in Ice 1979 –
The renowned collection is the perfect blend of the (great) usual suspects, such as Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, Peter Haley, Julian Schnabel, the most beautiful large scale Kahinde Wile I’ve ever seen, Christopher Wool, George Condo that meets an eclectic international inclusion of up and comings and an eloquently immersive for the visitor. Your mood changes in every room. It is a super way to spend an afternoon. It is easily navigated, and the flow is engaging.

Kahinde Wiley

You don’t feel submerged or lost, because each room is distinct in spirit. Suffused, spaces that bring your emotional level from disrelish behavior, humor, cogitation, and surprise. You may want to cover the kids’ eyes with Charles Ray, Oh! Charley, Charley Charley assemblage, but it snaps back with whimsical Jeff Koons works or Murakami “In the Strange Forest” display. The Barbara Kruger prodigious,” Money Makes Money,” emulating a popular streetwear logo is spot on. Then, put on some blue booties and take 15 seconds or so and have a ball in one of two Kusama exhibits. A Judd, without a stack, solo. reflecting a pink neon light from within shining down and behind the work needs its own wall.

Christopher Wool

Christopher Wool

Looking into a large vase, only to find hundreds of taxidermied bats along the circumference, a Damien Hirst medical closet including skeleton and rows and rows of surgical equipment.

Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons

It is a contemporary collector’s dream.
It is large enough to satisfy you with all of its personality and edge, airy enough to want to explore, giving one a sense of adventure, awareness, and humor. There is something for every age group and every affinity.


Mirukami, “In the Strange Forest”  Nara Disk (Right Back Wall)  and Aya Takano painting (Back Left Wall)

I live in Miami and have decided in the beautiful sitting area, and the cafe outside is where I will often be sitting this upcoming year. You can even rent out the library, by appointment only.

Gilbert and George
Even a seasoned art aficionado will be happy to see works that aren’t necessarily indicative of that said artist’s work.

Elizabeth Payton’s (JOhn Beverly Richie) Sid 1995
Some favorites included Elizabeth Payton’s sex pistol painting, Dana Schultz (Lovers) Aaron Curry, Gilbert, and George, Finding God with Nicholas Party heads, Neo Rauch, from Germany, Cy Gavin, Michalene Thomas, the large Nara Disks, and Murakami, DOB in the Strange Forest, Lucy Dodd and her unique choice of mediums, and last but not least, the artist in residence, Amoako Baofo, (personal fav) proves once again, being in front of a painting in real life trumps seeing it on screen. I really liked his art when I saw it on screen and found it absolutely captivating when standing in front. The texture and expression in his work are captivating.

Lucy Dodd

Lucy Dodd’s unique canvas with squid ink and Miami rain and the most interesting elements is awesome!

Amoako Baofo

Amoako Baofo

The layout and placement of the work are done with aptitude and awareness of space and concept. Very much like a good book, when you know you are coming to the end of the journey, you get a bit sad knowing its coming.

Barbara Kruger's "Money Makes Money"

Barbara Kruger’s “Money Makes Money”


But lucky for you, you can go outside and have a cafecito and empanada (this is Miami), and sit in the tropical landscape with your company, or solo. Either way, you will go home culturally content.

The outside garden

The outside Garden at the Rubell Museum


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