Your Guide to some top picks this Summer. Impress your friends and family by picking the perfect Rosé winners right off the bat!

Summer is almost here, and so are the lazy days spent watching sunsets with friends and sipping summer’s favorite, Rosé wine.

Portray’s favorite 5 Star Sommelier Heath Porter narrows down the list for us with some excellent selections. (see Grape Escapes) for more on Heath and his wine tours.

As he puts it, “Real men drink Rosé, and so do I!!”


A bottle of Billecart-Salmon Rose
Billecart-Salmon, Rosé , Champagne

Billecart-Salmon, Rose, Champagne……truly one of the most iconic sparkling Rosés year in and year out, consistently at the top of their game, its not cheap but its a standard bearer for pink bubbles….I was at a wine geek party a few weeks ago and someone popped a bottle and somms came scurrying like octogenarians to a Lawrence Welk Album

Boya from Leyda Valley, Chile

A Bottle of Boya Rose
Boya, Peyda Valley, Chile Rosé


Boya from Leyda Valley, Chile………super crisp, fresh and dry styles wine with tons of tangelo, kumquat and almost saltiness from high elevation coastal vineyards a few miles from the Pacific.

Stift Gottweig Rosé , from Austria

Stift Goettweig Rose
Stift Goettweig, Austria, Rosé


Stift Gottweig from Austria…….Rosé of pinot noir from the grounds and vineyards of an ancient monastery……on the label it reads Messwein because it was the wine they used for communion….Hell, I would have gone to church for that!

Charles Joguet, Rosé, Chinon, Loire Valley, France

A Bottle of Chinoe Rose Liore Valley, France
Charles Joguet, Rosé, Chinon, Loire Valley, France


Charles Joguet, Rosé, Chinon, Loire Valley, France……from the center of France this OG producer makes some of the best Cabernet Franc in the world, and here he uses Cab Franc to make world-class pink juice……..really pretty aromatics like fresh mint and verbena flow with strawberries and cream……this bottle is looking for Cioppino like a Kardashian looking for talent.


Watts Rosé

 A bottle Watts Rosé Wine
Watts Rosé

If you are in the New York City or the Hamptons, look out for ..

Watts Rosé

“As a photographer Watts a better place to fall in love than Provence! And Watts a better way than over a beautiful glass of Rose with friends. In that moment I was inspired to create an Organic Rosé that I could share with you. Salute!” Ben Watts

Le Domain des Masques looks down over the region of AIX EN PROVENCE. Completely isolated, the estate is situated more than 500 meters above sea level on the Cengle plateau, looking down upon the SAINTE-VICTOIRE mountain.


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