Marko Brandon’s Hot New Miami Show “Converge”

Marko Brandon shows us the “Ins and outs” of Masterworks.

Marko at his Miami show with “Raja” behind him

With a passion for Old Master paintings, sculpture and a solid eye for decoration, Marko Brandon has managed to reconstruct beautiful bedecked works into contempo, cutting-edge, sonorous displays on etched metal. 


The most intriguing discoveries are illuminated from within these distinguished works, where you can see what no one (except the artists themselves) over the ages has been able to, until now. 

In his show, “Converge” in Miami, this week, curated by Portraymag Editor-in-Chief Donnalynn Patakos in collaboration with Gallerist, Carlos Benhaman, in Chromatic Gallery. Spectators soaked up a different kind of multi-cultural show. Marko cleverly led them on a journey back in time, in a vast mid-century modern showcase, allowing one to peer inside masterpieces and sculptures of times past from all over the world.

In some of the works, you can see the patches under the finished portraits, the nails and sometimes even landscapes behind sometimes clandestine scenes and markings under the surface. Displayed cleverly, either hanging on a wall, suspended or on easels where you will find golden Madonna’s, multi-colored triptychs and quadriptychs displayed in the vast, mid-century modern space with million dollar plus vintage dream cars just below, at We are Curated.

A 5-star sommelier, Heath Porter showcased an exciting array of hand-picked wines from his wine tours from Jura, France, Almahue Valley, and San Antonio Valley, Chile, Abruzzi, and Valpolicella Italy, and a Pinot Noir from Niagara, Canada. Everywhere you went in the room, you would see light bouncing off these majestic works, it was very special to see.

Princess De Conte
Saint Francis of Assisi, with the nails shown from the X rays in his hands.

Inside sculptures, you can see the nails in St. Francis of Assis’s hands, and Marko’s signature embellishments of carefully placed nails. Saint Francis was a show stopper as you watched the light reflecting off of him from across the room. You can peer inside a striking White Buddha, placed in between two Krishna statues, where one can see the nails inside holding them together.  

Indian Unicorn

Canvases, during these times, were costly and many times repeatedly painted over, patched, and in some, you can even see landscapes behind portraits, and discover what lies beneath. 


His process with the priceless

Marko then will add elements to the works, usually, metal to surround or incorporate them in what you now view. His works are in prominent museums in Europe and galleries in the US and abroad. He also included new to this show gold elements in the metallic works. An absolutely striking depiction of Christ and the Madonna encased in an Italian 18th Century gold frame are on display.

This stunning Madonna with an Italian 18th Century Gilded Frame was a show stopper

Fresh back from business a trip with notable collectors from Rome, no doubt where the roots of part of his inspiration began, allowing us all to journey in time as he reveals insight with decor as you have never seen! 

Puppet I and II in a lobby in Atlanta
Marko (center) with artist Angela Duran (left) and Donnalynn Patakos (right)

Marko was overwhelmed with the positive reaction and admiration for all of his art pieces. “Organizing an event like this is so ideal in my mind for showing art because the intimacy allows me to connect with the interested art collectors and non-collectors. I enjoyed talking about and explaining my art process and ideas to people individually.

Markos’s show will be on display at Chromatic Gallery through May.

2100 NE 2nd Avenue. Miami Florida. (863) 266-7613

All smiles Brandon Marko Event
Taty Hernandez, Miry Burger, James Neuweg, Victor Sandoval and Thania Sainz

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