Heath Porter knows his grapes. A 5-star sommelier who has run some of the most revered wine programs in the United States. Travel in true Porter style as he has for over 20 years through regions around the world! Want to mingle with the best winemakers, chefs, winery owners, and food and beverage professionals in the world?
This snarky sommelier has won the “Somm Slam” a favorite event at Miami Food and Wine week multiple times (blindfolded) humbling experts.
Having a background in 5-star hotels, he knows the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to get dirty. 
His exclusive one of a kind experiences will bring you in the mountains of Chile, Italy, France, Oregon (to name a few).

His connections to the restaurant world will get you private meals to some of the best restaurants, in places you never thought you would see. Heath personally creates voyages to squeeze the most out of the adventure. You will not only be educated but incredibly entertained.

Traveling with Heathen Wine Tours grants you “back door access” to wineries and unknown regions anywhere and everywhere. Relax in wineries and cellars and taste wines from barrels and private collections.
Get a tour of the vineyards and wineries personally from the winemakers. Hang out with chefs for cooking schools and go truffle hunting with foragers and their dogs. You will dine at Michelin starred restaurants, break bread with winemakers in their homes and feast in the vineyards.
Get to know the vineyard owners and get a sneak peek at their local haunts. Too good to be real right? There is more! One of the best parts is that all of the planning is taken care of. To read more about the beauty and intricacy of a Heathen Wine Tours go to: Plan your next adventure with Heath. 



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