A Letter From the Editor

The journey of the imagination is an ever evolving glimpse into the infinite.

“The art of” can be portrayed in a myriad of ways. The art of cooking, the art of speaking, the art of making a fragrance, a drink, mediums and muses. Good art leaves an impression.  It is an execution of something from your soul and your experiences.

We are constantly being impressed upon and allured (at times stupefied) by what is current, what is past, and what is future, but most of all what is real. Art blurs this, creating an evocation of, tragedy, victory, and the human experience. Art can be food, art an be words, art can be color, art can be the place one hides, or shouts, and most importantly, art can connect to anyone.

At the Core of Portray, is the story behind it all. A good story can change the ordinary into the extraordinary in a minute. It can turn ambiguity into belief.  It’s what you don’t know that intrigues, its what you didn’t know you didn’t know that keeps you coming back for more. This would be the essence of what we would like to bring to you.

There is an enigmatic respect with incertitude. To observe perceived chaos, a wrinkle in the norm, something that would trip the monotony up a bit emitting adrenaline. For example; someone dropped their glasses on the floor at the museum as patrons sheepishly, carefully navigate their way around the “specs” all day, because they aren’t quite certain if it is part of an installation.

 Art manifests from someone’s thoughts, experiences, hurt, fear, hope, love, anger, solace, or joy therefore connecting us to it, because we have all been there. We all feel. As everyone has an opinion, most don’t actually create. It takes a certain amount of strength to share it and make it palpable.

We search the Globe, and bring to you an insight to places, people and subjects and reveal the inner workings, and stories of the thought behind, inspiration and manifestation of what we see, feel, hear and taste.

I genuinely anticipate and look forward to summarizing the spectacular and sharing it with you!


Donnalynn Patakos



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